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See one of the most talented artists of many decades. Get to see live at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from, your local Las Vegas Ticket . . EMPIRE Online o Vegas Player Magazine o Vegas . HOME > Caesars Palace > EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT > EVENTS CALENDAR . Price US $49.50 - US $99.50 . Purchase Tickets. May 28th Cher for Las Vegas are now on sale at We offer a huge inventory of Caesars Palace tickets and we charge absolutely no service fees! . EMPIRE Online o Player Magazine o Las . HOME > Caesars Palace > EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT > EVENTS CALENDAR . Purchase Tickets. May 19th 7:30 PM 9:30 PM tickets to see Las Caesars Palace Concert.

Cher Photos, concert tour dates, setlist, read reviews and more! Cher announced her last show at Caesars Palace will be February 5, 2011. Tickets for the remaining shows will go on sale September 25, 2010. The dates for the final . Visit to see and Cher the latest moment in Cher's life. . Moments. Thank you! Las Vegas #4 Las Vegas #2 I ?

Burlesque Original Burlesque tickets are now on sale for all upcoming shows in las vegas. We offer premium front row Cher concert tickets for all performances at Caesars Palace. Cher Show Tickets. is your #1 source for Cher tickets. Search for and all Las Shows! Cher In Las Vegas. Grammy® award winning performer began performing at Ceasar's Palace in in May, 2008. Cher joins an exclusive list of stars to .

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