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Wynn Las Vegas. Saturday - Wednesdays - Le Reve. Looking for tickets to a show in Las Vegas? Try Best of Vegas and compare prices on shows in las vegas before you get into . audio: off Amenities Shows Rooms & Suites Packages Dining Nightlife Meetings Casino 2005 - 2011 WYNN RESORTS HOLDINGS, LLC. Trivia, description, Cast Members And Episodes List for the ed wynn show Fact you might not know - December 12 would be Frank Sinatra's 95th birthday. And to honor it, as if we couldn't already move for Sinatra impersonators/ tribute acts . Le Reve at Las Vegas, Le Rve - A small collection of imperfect dreams - Steve Wynn's Hotel Welcome to Las Vegas. Make dining or room reservations, and purchase tickets. LE RVE, presented exclusively at Wynn Las Vegas, offers breathtaking performances in an intimate aqua theater-in-the-round. The show features aerial acrobatics . las vegas show plays out in a pool . Performers in "Le Reve" rehearse in Las Vegas. The show, located inside the new Wynn Las Vegas and created by Franco Dragone, premieres .

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